I love movies.  I really do.  But I don’t sit home and watch movies.  I’d probably just end up getting distracted and cleaning the house or something.  I love going to the movies.  I totally look forward to it.  And whenever I go I have to get the popcorn.  And it’s got to have plenty of butter on it.  After all, it’s movie popcorn!

I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy.  If there’s a new chick flick coming out, chances are I’ll be in line to see it.  And I believe that there’s nothing wrong with chick flicks, especially if you’re a chick (and a hopeless romantic).  But here’s the thing about chick flicks…they’re predictable.

There may be a few unexpected obstacles, but in the end love prevails and the main characters live happily ever after.  So, you leave the movie feeling happy and hopeful and pretty darn good.  But eventually reality sets in and you realize your life is nothing like the movies.  It’s not even close.

I recently asked a coworker why my life couldn’t be just like the movies, and she said, “Because they’re movies!”  Oh, right.  So I started thinking maybe I just need to see different kinds of movies.

Instead of feel-good chick flicks with happy endings, maybe I should start seeing slasher films.  Then my life might not seem so bad after all.  At least no one’s running around chasing me with a butcher knife.  But I’m a big baby, so slasher films are out for me.

The thing is this…I’ve found that the good feeling you get from a chick flick can last up to a week.  So, I figure if I go to see one at least once a week, I think I’ll be fine.

By the time I realize my life is not quite like the movies, I’ll  be off to the movies again for another dose of romance and fun.  Sounds like a plan!