A fight during a lunch period  touched off a food and drink-throwing incident last Friday at Atlantic City High School that resulted in the suspension of 33 students. 

Despite a shaky video posted to YouTube, showing students running and screaming through the halls of the high school, NBC 10 TV Philadelphia reports that school district officials insist the incident looks worse than it actually was.

Sherry Yahn, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, told NBC 10 the situation was under control. "I will say although it looks like chaos, it looks terrible, it is not as bad as it looks or it sounds."

According to school officials, None of the suspensions will have any impact on the status of graduating students.

Atlantic City High School has had a reputation for similar problems in the past, but administrators say this is the first such food fight this school year.

Yahn said it's a "vast improvement" over past years. She attributes the improvement to additional staff and security on patrol in the cafeteria.

The fact of the matter is food fights have been breaking out in schools for generations.  I think the prevalence of social media and instant video postings of these incidents tend to give them a sense of more importance than they deserve. Do you agree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.