You may have watched this Sunday's Grammy Awards from beginning to end, but there were a few things you missed if you weren't there in person.  From MTV News, here are five behind-the-scenes  things you missed... about this year's Grammy Awards.

1- Lady Gaga moved through the Staples Center, surrounded by two bodyguards, to make it to her seat safely.  Paul McCartney walked safely through the Staples Center with NO bodyguards.

2- While Chris Brown may have impressed you with his fancy footwork , word is, the vibe inside the auditorium was "lukewarm" at best after his performance. I thought the dancing was okay, it was the song I was lukewarm about.

3- Many audience members were given arm bands with a Coldplay logo on it and told to put them on during the band's performance with Rihanna.  I'm sure this pairing was one that  sounded good to the show's producer's when planning the night, but I didn't really think it worked all that well during the show.

4- When Tony Bennett won a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group for his duet with Amy Winehouse during the per-televised ceremony, the crowd rose to its feet. "We shouldn't be here. Our darling daughter should be here," Winehouse's father Mitch said after embracing Bennett.  This is one moment the show's producers would have been wise to actually televise!

5- That applause you heard on TV  after Adele's performance of "Rolling in the Deep"was no joke. The crowd inside Staples was blown away by her triumphant comeback.  Afterwards, Adele nonchalantly chewed gum backstage!


Watch video of Grammy winner Adele performing "Rolling in the Deep" at the Grammy Awards..