Happy New Year!  Here's a list of items that will be cheaper in the New Year. This will be good news to you if one of your resolutions was to save money in 2014... Who doesn't like to spend less!



2013 was a record year for auto dealers. This will raise the stakes for 2014.  You can look at saving money. You should be able to get an excellent deal on trucks.. Dealers will fight over customers and market share for 2014

Winter coats

This will definitely come in hand as the temps will once again drop into single digits. Discounts can add up to over 60%... According to experts don't wait too long on this..


This is great news for college students like my son! You're likely to see more inexpensive text books in 2014.


I love this.. The bigger the better! We may even see better deals than Black Friday during this month. Look for lots of BIG GAME deals and discounts.

 Caribbean travel

Who wouldn't want to go somewhere nice and warm right about now! Last-minute cruise deals for this month alone have dropped below $60 per night... Airfare will alos be less expensive to start the New Year!