Why am I blogging about the lies women tell when pregnant?  Admittedly, I am no expert on pregnancy. But lying? Well, now that's a topic I know something about.

I found this article on "The Stir" about "The Ten Lies Pregnant Women Tell" interesting.  However, Like most guys,  I quickly lost interest, so I shortened my list to five lies.

Here are the five lies every woman tells.  Read them over and then give me your reaction in the comments section below.  Make sure you tell the truth...no lying!

LIE 1: "I don't care if it's a girl or a boy"--Obviously, every woman wants a healthy baby. No one's out there praying for an unhealthy child, but most women do have a preference when it comes to the sex.

LIE 2: "Pregnancy is GREAT!"--Pregnancy is hard, and even a bit terrifying. The likelihood that most pregnant women totally lie about their "fabulous" pregnancies, is very high.

LIE 3: "Oooo, I just LOOOVE this gift!"--It's the thought that counts, but there are some really awful baby outfits and gifts out there.

LIE 4: "I Quit Smoking"--There is nothing good about smoking during pregnancy, and everyone knows it. But smoking is a hard habit to quit so many women will just say they've quit to please their friends and family. Studies have shown that 1 in 5 women smoke while pregnant.

LIE 5: "I Haven't Decided on a Name"—If your baby is going to be in this world within four weeks and you don't have any name ideas yet, you're definitely lying. Just confess that you're not sharing the name yet.