A state police investigation has resulted in five people being arrested in connection with the July 21st armed robbery at Caesars in Atlantic City.

Over the past several days, at various locations, investigators arrested 20-year-old Dwayne Morgan of Pleasantville, 19-year old Izyiah Plummer of Atlantic City, 19-year-old Monique Kelly of Pleasantville, 23-year-old Aaron Evans of Pleasantville, and 20-year-old Lance Rogers of Atlantic City.

During the early morning hours of July 21st, two men wearing masks and gloves brandished a gun and robbed security personnel of two boxes containing money from inside the casino. They then fled in a dark-colored sedan. Following up on leads, detectives obtained search warrants for residences in Atlantic City and Pleasantville.  As a result of the searches, detectives recovered a large portion of the money, and some articles of clothing believed to have been worn by the suspects during the robbery.