Need to lose weight? Lots of weight? But you don't have the money for one of the expensive diet plans that charge hundreds of dollars for food.

You only have about a dollar a day?

That was Papa Joe's problem.  His solution to that problem was so effective, he lost tons of weight and started a new career as a wellness expert.  All for only 99 cents a day!

Prevention Magazine online found out the secret to his success and they even include some sample recipes for you to try...for only 99 cents a day!

Papa Joe before his diet

Musician and clothing designer Papa Joe Aviance was 450 pounds so he made a major life change and is now 250 pounds lighter. It's all thanks to the "99-cent diet".

To start, he threw away everything in his kitchen—cookies, candy, sodas. He decided he was only going to drink water or unsweetened iced tea and no more fast food. At that point, he'd been drinking a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew every day.

But there was a problem--he was broke. So he grabbed his dance music and tennis shoes, and started walking.

At first, his walks were short—to the end of his block and back to grab. The first time around the block, he couldn't even do it. But he kept at it. Soon he was walking a few miles every day.

He also checked out the 99-Cent Store and was surprised to find that the store had plenty of healthy foods to choose from. He spent no more than $50 a week on food. Within three to four weeks, Aviance started to see changes. Within 3 months, he needed a new wardrobe.

Within 18 months, Aviance lost 250 pounds and a visit to his doctor confirmed that he was no longer at risk for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Today, Aviance is a health and wellness expert touring the country to inspire obese children and adults to start moving.

There is so much priceless common sense included in Papa Joe's diet, even if you don't take the 99-cents a day approach.  Good luck and good losing!