I think of myself as having a pretty fair sense of humor; able to find something funny in just about anything life can throw at us, but I'm missing the joke when it come to "The best gag gift on Earth...Fake a Baby".  Maybe you can explain it to me.

A while back, we heard of a woman selling fake pregnancy tests on Craigslist, and now there's a store for people looking to lie about expecting a baby.

Fake A Baby considers itself home to "The Best Gag Gifts On Earth," with products for sale that include positive pregnancy tests, personalized ultrasound sonograms, fake DNA tests, fake prescriptions, and fake pregnancy bellies at various stages.

The store also has customized newspaper pregnancy announcements and even fake "proof" of pregnancy documents.

Can you explain to me what is so funny  about all of this?  Enlighten me in the comments section below...