Sounds are so important in life and can help us recall many memories. As a radio station, we at Lite Rock are constantly surrounded by the sounds of music and promos. As South Jerseyans, there are other sounds we identify with - the beach and seagulls for example!

The folks at just announced their list of the Top 10 places that represent the sounds of America, and Atlantic City came in at #6! What sound did they choose? The instantly recognizable sound of hitting jackpots, of course!

Here are other cities that made Expedia's list of Sounds of America.

  • David Lee

    Baseball - Cooperstown, New York

    One of my all time favorite places to go. A trip to Cooperstown is a must if you love all things baseball!

  • ivan604

    Hiking - Boulder, Colorado

    This the place for you if you love the outdoors!

  • Buccina Studios

    Church Bells - Franklin, Tennessee

    The sound of church bells ringing always make me stop whatever I'm doing.

  • ShriramPatki

    Waterfalls - Yosemite Valley, Califorina

    There's nothing more relaxing then the sights and sounds of a beautiful waterfall!

  • Joe Raedle

    Amusement Park Rides - Orlando, Florida

    I also love this sound but, the next time I go to Orlando it will be during the winter not in the month of August. I swore I could hear the sounds of sweat dripping off my forehead!

  • Marcio Silva

    Busy Street Traffic - New York City

    Unfortunately, this is the one sound you can't get away from whenever you head to NYC.