Stop me if you've heard this one. The closed-up casino and the company that powers it can't seem to agree on anything expect that they don't like one another.

The juice at Revel was already turned off for a time earlier this year in a, excuse the pun, power-play by ACR Energy Partners, the casino's energy supplier that’s been fighting a grinding war with the defunct resort’s new owner.

Then In May, state officials ordered that limited power resume to keep Revel’s fire-suppression system running.

Now Glenn Straub’s Polo North Country Club Inc., which is suing ACR to vacate the leased land where its plant sits, says ACR is sabotaging its efforts to find power elsewhere.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, " In a letter Saturday, Polo North attorney Stuart Moskovitz told the judge refereeing the Polo-ACR feud that Vineland-based Falasca Mechanical “is ready, willing and able” to get Revel heated.

But ACR improperly interfered with Polo North’s business by sending a letter to the Vineland firm threatening legal action and “discouraging the provider from so furnishing the utilities necessary for the building to avoid serious damage,” Moskovitz told the judge.

“With winter coming, my client needs to act quickly to bring in full utilities. This is necessary not only to protect the building, but to enable the property to be open in the spring of 2016,” Moskovitz said."

Without power, Revel risks the freezing and bursting of its fire sprinkler pipes this winter. ACR claims that it owns Revel's power equipment and that another company using it amounts to tampering.

The Chief U.S. District judge is deciding if the case should be heard in federal court or returned to state court.

What are the longest odds in town right now? They would be that this mess can be straightened out and Revel made functional again by spring of 2016.