Hashtags, emojis or a rubber duck may be replacing our beloved Scottie dog and hat tokens in the popular board game Monopoly. But, the decision is on you.

Hasbro Inc. has announced a worldwide contest Tuesday for people to choose eight new tokens to be included in the next generation of Monopoly.

People will have 50 tokens to choose from like hashtags, emojis, bunny slippers, and an '80s style cellphone. These new tokens will replace longtime favorites like the wheelbarrow, the Scottie dog, the hat, and thimble (my personal favorite).

The popular board game is actually based off the streets of Atlantic City, making it extra special for us South Jerseyans.

If you're interested in voting, visit www.VoteMonopoly.com, the polls close on January 31st!

Keep an eye out on March 19 to see if yours won!

Source: The Verge | 6abc News

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