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The first Halloween weekend is quickly approaching which means the Halloween parties, bars and clubs will be filled with anything other than humans.

Do you really want to be that one person NOT dressed up?

Doubt it.

But sometimes there is a shortage on cash. It is just the way that it is.

So here are a few very easy and affordable Halloween costumes that you can throw together that will cost you no more than $25.00.



This costume is simple, but effective. It goes alone with the horror theme and you can match the skeleton overthrow with just about any other clothes, hairstyle and make up!

Cat (Or any animal for that matter)


This is a very easy Halloween costume that a lot of people throw together every year. Ears, whiskers, a nose and a tail and you are good to go. Doesn't take too much effort and it also doesn't cost much.

70's Dancer


Get groovy baby! Throw on the dress, add some glitter in your hair and head on out for Halloween fun. It's always SO much easier when the costume is the entire outfit.

Red-Hooded Robe


So this one piece of clothing can be used for various different costumes. Paint your face to look dead and you are a demon. Wear a cute outfit underneath and you are Red Riding Hood. Throw in some teeth and you are a Vampire. The sky is the limit....or the underworld that is....



This costume is simple. Throw on your wings and your antennas and your costume is pretty much set. And this is another example where just about any clothing you decide to pair with it will match.

Girl's Minnie Mouse Costume


Don't forget about the kids! Does your kid love Disney? Does she want to represent this Halloween? Well is the perfect and affordable Halloween costume.

Incredibles 2 Violet Costume

This is another good custom for your child who I know has been nagging you to take them to the Halloween store to pick out their Halloween costume. I mean, what kid wouldn't want super powers?

Hot Dog

"Ask me about my wiener!!!" That is all that needs to be said.

Pumpkin Head


Easy. Affordable. Memorable. And technically, you don't have to do your hair or make up for this costume!!

Red Devil


Well isn't this costume just adorable?! Sometimes all you need is a red dress and some devil horns to hit the town.

Unicorn Head


Okay...this one is a little creepy but definitely gets the job done. You don't technically have to worry to much about your hair or make up but I wouldn't look in the mirror too much. It may give you nightmares.

So hopefully by the time you reached the end of this list, you spotted a costume for you, your significant other or even your kids that works within your budget.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! And bring me the extra candy!

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