Many thanks to my long-time friend Eric Phillips for making me aware of these powerful videos of Sammi's struggle through surgery and  rehab and the happy reunion with his owner. 

This story is a wonderful example of the importance of efforts like the Humane Society of Ocean City's "Bud Fund" for special needs animals.

The journey wasn't easy, but Sammi the Springer Spaniel has learned to walk again.


The 8-year-old dog had a bone growing near his spinal column that began to press on his spinal cord, according to a press release from California Animal Rehabilitation. Doctors operated, but were unable to remove the excess bone, leaving Sammi quadriplegic.

But after months of intense rehabilitation treatments, Sammi learned to sit up, walk and eventually run.

The rehab center captured thereunion with Mom on camera, and the footage is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Since his recovery in 2008, Sammi has enjoyed quality time with his family, sometimes even swimming in the pool during the hot summer months.

Watch the videos of Sammi's rehab and the emotional first time his owner saw him walking again and leave your comments below.