Finding a dentist that asks the right questions can be hard, but it is extremely important. Why? Because everyone's mouth is different, so you want a dentist who knows your mouth.

Meet Dr. Guy Henry, DDS. He's our latest South Jersey Local Expert. He's provided us a few topics of conversations that you and your dentist should be having. So, are you?

  • Does your dentist give the hygienist enough time to talk to you about periodontal or gum disease?
  • Has your dentist told you about the link between periodontal disease and heart attack and stroke which is based in scientific research?
  • Does your dentist routinely measure and record your periodontal condition?
  • Does your dentist commonly treat the roof of the tooth, or what you can see in the mouth, and ignore the foundation structures which you cannot see which are underneath the gum?
  • Does your dentist diagnose tooth decay with the x-ray machine that goes around your head?
  • Do your caps or crowns have dark spots on the chewing surface where they were ground down to make them fit?
  • Do feel comfortable asking your dentist questions and does your dentist take the time to answer them?