The job market is tight, which has many Americans taking any job they can get. Meanwhile, corporations are squeezing more money out of them than before the recession. That has many employees unsatisfied.

In fact, a new survey from Yahoo Finance and Parade magazine finds nearly 60 percent of American workers would like to make a career change, but are opting to stay put.

“It’s important for workers in this market to stay positive. They have a job which is a really good thing,” said Barbara Pachter, Business Communications Expert. “But, it’s also okay for employees to reevaluate their careers. It can be tough. They need to talk to other people, find a career coach or mentor and find out what other opportunities are available in their careers. They also need to look at their skills and find out what skill set they have that they can take into a different field. Employees can also take a class because sometimes that can spur interest in something they didn’t even know they were interested in before. If they wait for the light-bulb to come on it doesn’t always come on. So, it’s important to take action and do something.”

“I’m a strong believer in taking your career into your own hands. Maybe you can start by taking additional courses, or potentially developing a hobby into a different profession. One class could even lead to a different degree in something else. The only way you’re going to find out is by exploring your options,” said Pachter.

While, a great deal is up to the employee to find out, employers can also help. “They can get their employees involved in special projects or community projects. Offer people flex time or allow them to work at home,” said Pachter.