Actress Peyton List is making a special appearance at Lite Rock's "Kidabaloo", this Saturday, March 21st from 1 to 5pm, at Atlantic Christian School in Egg Harbor Township.

List plays "Emma" on the Disney Chanel show Jessie and co-starred in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie series. She is already an acting veteran with an impressive resume at age 16.

Payton will be meeting and greeting fans as part of an afternoon of activities, games and fun at Kidabaloo, a jamboree for the whole family!  Kidabaloo follows the Lite Rock Easter Egg Hunt, also this year at Atlantic Christian School, Saturday from noon to 1pm.

My 8-year-old daughters, Eileen and Bridget, are major fans of Disney's Jessie, so it only seemed right for me to ask them what I should be asking Peyton when I spoke with her on the Lite Rock Morning Show.

Watch a short video of me asking my girls what to ask Peyton.  Below the video is an audio link to my conversation on Lite Rock with Peyton List, where she talks about Jessie, her acting career and answers Eileen and Bridget's question.

Here is the audio of Eddie's interview with Peyton List....

Hope to see you Saturday for the Lite Rock Easter Egg Hunt and Kidabaloo!