I am looking for your opinion. Included is a photo I took of a tick we found on the family dog Sheba. If you haven't heard, the NJ. Department of Agriculture ( the state's tick people) announced the discovery of a new "exotic tick" now being found in New Jersey, the East Asian Tick. To me, women are exotic, ticks are just gross, no matter where they come from.

Anyway, the warning is that these ticks carry potentially dangerous diseases and you should keep an eye out for them. The East Asian ticks join the five other varieties of tick already calling New Jersey home (who knew?)

So, last night when I pulled this monster tick off of Sheba, it popped to mind that it looked awful lot like the picture I had just seen of an East Asian Tick.

I've included the big sucker's photo along with state-provided photos of the East Asian tick and, another similar looking big boy, the Long Star tick.  My question to you?  Which tick did my dog have?

East Asian tick
Lone Star Tick
Sheba's tick