Here's another quick and easy recipe from our nighttime hostess Delilah. I've never heard of mini meatloaf. I'm not a big fan of meatloaf but, sometimes in a pinch and when you're looking for something quick it tastes A-OK. 

Here's the simple recipe and don't forget Delilah plays your favorite love songs with stories about life, love and relationships every night at 7!

Mimi's Mini Meatloaves

This next recipe came in from loyal listener Kim who posted this delicious-looking, comforting goodness on my Facebook page. It didn’t come with a backstory so I’m not sure who Mimi is, but I’m sure I’m going to love her mini meatloaves. Take a look at Mimi's  Mini Meatloaves

1 Lb. Ground Turkey
1 Can Stewed Tomatoes
1 Egg
1/2 C Dry Oatmeal
1/4 C Italian Bread Crumbs

Preheat oven to 400. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except ketchup. Form into six small loaves, and place on a foil-lined baking sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray. Top each meatloaf with ketchup, and bake for 25 minutes.

You can also make this into 4 larger meatloaves if you'd like. Add some green beans and mashed potatoes, and you have a healthy, filling meal! Kim