Lite Rock's night time host Delilah had two daughters attending proms over the weekend.

The beautiful girl pictured in the featured image is Delilah's "baby girl" Shaylah, who Delilah tell us is graduating in a few weeks then heading out of state to Azusa Pacific University.


Here's Delilah's description of her daughter Angel's picture (below). "My daughter Angel and her bestie Joy, heading off to prom! Both of these young ladies have overcome incredible odds; Joy was born at 23 weeks gestation, and Angel came to America from west Africa at the age of 12 and has completed 12 years of education in the last 5! This will be their final dance of their years in high school and I am so proud of them!"

Here's Delilah's  daughter Shaylah and her friend Danni (on the left) heading out to prom...


Angel and her prom date, her friend Alec....

What a good looking group of young people!  Delilah would love to hear your thoughts about the pictures in the comments section below.

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