Our very own Delilah  has released a new book filled with her favorite inspiration stories called 'Arms Full Of Love': Inspiring True Stories That Celebrate the Gift of Family.

The book is a compilation for stories of love, not only her own but from listeners who have called her show over the years including this excerpt.

"Many years ago, when my three children were very young, their dad and I split up. Needless to say, it was hurtful and ugly. The new woman in his life was unacceptable to me, and I was so, almost violently angry at her, that whenever I would go to their house to pick up the kids or drop them off, she would sometimes go in the bedroom and lock the door, because if she even looked my way, well…you get the picture. My ex-husband and I were so caught up in our anger toward each other that I’m sure our kids, who were two, four and five at the time, must have been hurting very much.

One Christmas changed all that and softened my hardened heart toward my ex-husband, and particularly this new stepmom. It was my turn to have the children for Christmas, so they were staying with their dad and stepmom until Christmas Eve day. Well, an unexpected snowstorm hit and dumped four feet of snow. We were not used to heavy snow and the town was unprepared for its removal. The roads were just not getting cleared, especially on the outskirts of town where both my ex-husband and I lived. I had no phone service, and as he hours ticked away, my heart sank lower and lower. The kids would not be with me for Christmas.

As I sat there feeling heartbroken, my brother, who was looking out the window, jumped up and said, “Lorie! Come look!” When I got to the window I saw three figures trudging through the hip-deep snow, each of them with a bundled child on their back and arms full of packages. It was my ex, his wife and a Marine friend of theirs. They had driven as far as they could and then trekked the rest of the way on foot. That act of goodwill broke the ice around my heart and was the beginning of a friendship between us – the woman with whom I have shared the raising of my children. She has become very dear to me.

I just wanted to share this memory of love, forgiveness and unselfish acts. Thanks for your wonderful show. It brings tears to my eyes every night and reminds me that people are better than we think, and hearts can change". Lorie

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