One-third of employers say employees call in sick more during the winter holidays. 29% of workers also admit to playing hooky this year.  If you're considering some unscheduled personal time, let me suggest you try something other than these excuses... surveyed bosses for a list of the 15 weirdest excuses that people uses to miss work.



The top five were:

1) Employee’s 12-year-old daughter stole his car and he had no other way to work. Employee didn’t want to report it to the police.

2) Employee said bats got in her hair.

3) Employee said a refrigerator fell on him.

4) Employee was in line at a coffee shop when a truck carrying flour backed up and dumped the flour into her convertible.

5) Employee said a deer bit him during hunting season.


What are some of the weirdest excuses you've ever heard?