If you have been feeling a little unappreciated lately, Dad, here's some reassuring news for you.  You aren't paranoid.  You really are less appreciated than mom.

At least that's the conclusion you could draw based on the lack of money spend of gifts for you for Father''s Day. Consumers will spend $7billion less on Father's Day than they did for Mother's Day

That's right, daddy-o! Americans are expected to spend $7 billion less on gifts for your day Sunday than they did for last month’s Mother’s Day.

A study by the National Retail Federation found consumers are expected to spend a total $12.5 billion on Father’s Day compared to the estimated $19.9 billion they were projected to spend on Mother’s Day.

And the average shopper will spend $113.80 on their dads which is $50 less than the $162.94 they expected to spend on their moms.

So thank you very little, Dad, and happy Father's Day!