Before the ladies come after me for revealing how to get a woman to speak less, let me put the blame on university research.  I am only a messenger in the discussion, or lack-of-one, about how to substantially reduce the amount a woman has to say.

Scholars at Brigham Young University and Princeton examined whether women speak less than men when a group... collaborates to solve a problem. In most groups that they studied, the time that women spoke was significantly less than their proportional representation -- amounting to less than 75 percent of the time that men spoke.

The new study, detailed in Science Daily, was published by the top academic journal in political science, American Political Science Review.

According to a new study… women speak less in a group when they're outnumbered by men. 

Researchers broke men and women into groups to work on solving a problem.

In most groups women spoke significantly less than men when they were outnumbered by men… amounting to less than 75% of the time that men spoke.

Men everywhere should find this research both groundbreaking and useful in their lives! Guys, the secret is to keep them outnumbered!

However the study did find that when women did speak they brought unique and helpful perspectives to the problem the group was solving. (That was going to be my next point, as soon as I got over the part about women talking 75% less). I kid because I love.