If you're like me and you're crazy about coffee, then you're going to love the Coffee Bouteaque. They offer the freshest, best-tasting coffee you'll ever have the pleasure of enjoying and their unique roasting process plays a huge role in that.

You see, roasting small-batch coffee is like an art form and requires a certain level of attentiveness to the temperature at which the beans are being roasted, how much airflow is being let into the batch, and the amount of time the beans spend inside the roaster.

Coffee Bouteaque only deals with specialty coffee that is sourced from the three major coffee-growing regions around the world: Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

When all is said and done, you're presented with a delicious blend of gourmet coffee that has traveled halfway around the world from places far away, to Coffee Bouteaque's shop in Beach Haven, and - finally - into your cup!

Pretty amazing process, right? I've actually been enjoying one of their single-origin coffees from Brazil while writing this and it's by far and large the smoothest cup of coffee I've ever tasted.

Right now, Coffee Bouteaque is offering beautiful holiday gift baskets bundled with select coffees or teas that you can pick up in-store at 325 9th Street Store #22 Beach Haven, NJ or have shipped to your home for free when you order online at coffeebouteaque.com.

I love getting coffee for the holidays and I'm sure the coffee lover in your life will love it too when you give them the gift of Coffee Bouteaque this holiday season!