“Canine Influenza” is spreading around the Northeast right now, and Veterinarians are warning dog owners about this relatively new pet illness.

Almost all dogs are susceptible because the majority have not built up a natural immunity.

Randolph Veterinarian Brian Voynick says you cannot get canine flu from your dog, but your dog can get the flu from another dog. And because we are basically talking about a respiratory infection, that s its means of transmission. He says it has to be contagious through what he calls, “aerosol transmission”, in other words, all they have to do is be breathing near another coughing dog and they can easily acquire the infection.

Voynick says the good news is the flu is usually self-limiting, unless the dog is older or has other health issues. Sometimes a vet will place the animal on antibiotics just to be safe.

More good news…there is a vaccine, “Nobivac”, to ward off the infection available from your vet.

One symptom….higher than normal body temperature. He says dog owners can purchase a dog rectal thermometer to check that temperature.