Here's a modern day situation you couldn't have predicted a couple of decades ago.

A drone flying over the football scrimmage at Ocean City High School's Carey Stadium Monday evening caused a 20-minute stoppage in play.

According to OCNJ Daily, Ocean City Police received a call reporting a drone buzzing above the scrimmage between Ocean City and Middle Township High School Monday. The scrimmage was delayed as a precaution for player and spectator safety.

The report points out that game officials would not allow players to throw footballs at the devise in an attempt to knock it out of the sky!

Those referees sure are spoilsports.

I bet you never had the chance to throw a football at a flying object hovering above your high school football game either, did you?

Welcome to the modern world.

Was the drone operator trying to scout the football game for a competing team or just some technology geek with too much time on his hands?

The drone guy got away, so no one knows for sure about his intentions. But the prevalence of drones in the sky recently could soon make this as common as seeing your neighbor cutting his grass. Cutting his grass with a lawn mower, that is, not a drone.

I'm waiting for the day when they teach the drones to cut the grass.