UPDATE: Police and family confirm that the Brigantine teen missing in September has since been found safe.

Here is the original article posted in September:


Police are asking for your help locating 13-year-old Brigantine girl, Ericca Diamond.

Diamond has been missing since September 16th, according to information on the missing poster released in the her search.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Brigantine Police at 609-266-7414.





This message was released along with the latest information from police...

"Ericca Diamond come home we all miss you and your mom needs you here, if you see this, listen to me you need to come back to brigantine before anything happens ericca. your mom wants to see you and know that your ok.. i love you ericca and so many other people do, please just come home it hurts alot that i dont even know where you are right now, you need to get back here there are people here for you to take care of you, your not only doing this to yourself you're hurting so many other people who care about you.. (EVERYBODY SHARE THIS PICTURE, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE THE WORD NEEDS TO GET AROUND)"