Ready for a story that could have been featured in last week's episode of Law & Order?

Sadly, it's not a television show, it actually happened right here in South Jersey.

A young woman from Wildwood, whom police are not identifying, is okay, but probably a bit shaken up.

We spotted this story in the Press of Atlantic City, where police say they arrested 45-year-old Floribert Nava, of Wildwood, and charged her with kidnapping. They say she allegedly forced the juvenile, at gunpoint, to drive from her from Wildwood to Delaware.

But here’s the brave decision. The pair was about to get to the Ben Franklin Bridge when the victim, who was driving, decided to slam the car into a parked Delaware River Port Authority police cruiser.

The young women then reportedly jumped from the car and told the officer that the passenger had a gun and had kidnapped her earlier in the day.

Nava was then arrested right there on the bridge.

Police say the entire incident may have revolved around a recently adopted child currently living in Delaware, but officials are not releasing too many details.