Holy sham shoplifter, Batman!  File this in the ever-expanding "You just can't make this stuff up" folder.

Nathaniel Burgos, 28, of  Vineland, was spotted shoplifting a toolkit at the Advanced Auto Parts store on Landis Ave. in Vineland Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Press of Atlantic City...

Police said the suspect, described as wearing a Batman hat, Batman jacket, black backpack and black baseball cap, ran toward Wood Street after taking the item.


Burgos was spotted at North Fourth and East Pear streets and was arrested, police said.


Burgos later told police he threw the toolkit in a green garbage can behind the store, and police returned to kit the store, police said.


Burgos is now facing shoplifting charges.

In a perfect world he would also be charged for soiling the reputation of the Caped Crusader.... and for putting together the worst-sounding Batman costume ever.

Source: Press of Atlantic City