Here are some helpful Black Friday Shopping tips as we get ready to kick off the holiday shopping season...

1. Fuel Up   It's hard to shop when you blood sugar is crashing.. Skip the donuts and bagels. Instead load up on fiber, protein and healthy fats.

2.  Don't dress just for comfort.  Sweats and sneakers can make you feel less confident.   Dressing stylishly can boost your self confidence...

3.  Do your homework on discounts. Before you leave the house make sure you know the latest info on sales. Check out your favorite store's website for announcements and coupons.

4.  Head out by yourself.  You'll get more accomplished.

5. Stop at the bank... And leave your credit cards home! Shopping with cash can cut down your expenses.

6. Eat Lunch.  And perk yourself up with a protein rich lunch .. Chicken or turkey will do the trick.

7. Listen to Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG for continuous Christmas Music to put you into the Holiday Spirit!