What do you call it when fish go fishing? "Man-ing"? If you're keeping score, it's fish-1, man- 0.

Check out this wild video... of a fish grabbing hold of a man's arm when the guy tried to catch the fish by hand while lying on a dock in Florida.

Video taken by an onlooker shows the pair wrestling on the jetty when the fish refuses to let go of the man's arm as he desperately tries to free himself.

After a dramatic tussle - with the man being knocked to the ground by the gigantic fish - he is helped by two other men. Eventually the fish, believed to be a tarpon, flips back into the water victorious, as the visibly shaken man walks away bleeding.

The man, identified only as Billy, was probably too embarrassed to have his identity revealed.

Maybe the attack fish was attracted to land by the sound of Billy's frantic, screeching girlfriend?