There are many reasons why people consider customized graphics or wraps for their car. Whether it’s part of your business marketing strategy or just a personal choice, these details are all the rage. 

What you may not know about this type of customization is that there’s actually a some major benefits, according to UpFitMe

Locally and family owned by Len and Danielle Polistina, UpFitMe is a division of Municipal Equipment Enterprises, which has been customizing police and other government vehicles in New Jersey and the tri-state area for more than 15 years. They stand behind all the work that they do and even offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on the used vehicles they sell.

Check out the 5 major benefits of custom graphics or car wraps:

1) It doesn’t lower your car’s resale value; in fact, it might even increase it. Having a car wrap or graphic actually protects the original paint job. Plus, the vinyl detail can be easily removed without any damage to the paint.

2) Your car is a unicorn. Literally! UpFitMe is determined to make your car one-of-a-kind. Their technicians proudly design, print, and install graphics and wraps right in-house, from simple lettering to full body wraps. Trust us, you won’t find any other car on the road quite like yours or your company fleet.

3) It’s virtually free advertising for your business. How many cars do you pass on a simple drive to the grocery store? Imagine all the new business leads you could potentially score with just a cruise around town. Whether you go with a multi-panel wrap or a smaller logo detail, the graphics essentially pay for themselves by bringing in just one new costumer for your company.

4) They’re easy to install and remove. With trained professionals like you'll find at UpFitMe, adding or removing a customized graphic or wrap is simple. This allows for greater flexibility for market changes or vehicle upgrades. 

5) It’s less expensive than a paint job. There are many upsides to using graphics or wraps over paint, but the biggest reason is the cost. A custom paint job will set you back a lot more than a custom car wrap. 

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