One of the first things I did after joining Lite Rock during  the holiday season of 2004 was  to organize a group of listeners and friends to visit South Jersey hospitals and sing Christmas carols...

Over the past seven years, many different people have helped and a number have returned year after year.   Some who attended were wonderful singers, some were awful - I would put myself closer to the second category than the first- but I think all would agree that it is a deeply satisfying experience!

Being hospitalized during the holidays seems like  a very sad and lonely time and the impact of a group of smiling, happy visitors singing a few carols is obvious.  It is a relatively small but powerful act.  And for the completely selfish reason that it makes me really feel the spirit and joy of Christmastime; it's a favorite time of mine each holiday.

This year's Lite Rock Christmas Caroling Hospital tour is Tuesday December 20 with a stop at Shore Medical Center at 4p.m. and at AtlantiCare Mainland in Pomona at 5:15p.m.  All are welcome to join us and no special musical talent or training is necessary, but it's great if you have some!

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