A giant welcome sign that's been a part of the Atlantic City scene is no more.The giant sign on the AC Expressway that welcomed visitors to Atlantic City, has been officially removed. The sign did not have the proper highway permit.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, The South Jersey Transportation Authority, the expressway’s operating agency, said the sign had to be taken down because it was in violation of federal highway regulations. The Department of transportation is working on a permit to restore the welcome sign. The new sign must meet all regulations.

The welcome sign kicked off "The Always Turned On” tourism slogan which debuted in 2003. The current sign promoted the DO AC campaign. The sign was visible on a ramp by exit 2 on the expressway. You coudn't help but notice it driving into AC. The sign is the only free billboard that Atlantic City has access to.

Check back for more updates on the fate of the AC welcome sign.