Not the iron! Hasbro, toy maker of the board game Monopoly has announced the... loser of their "Save Your Token" campaign is the iron.  The iron, one of the game's original tokens, first introduced in 1935 when Parker Brothers made the game, is out as a Monopoly token.

The announcement of this shameless publicity stunt came this morning with word that Hasbro will replace the iron by a cat. A cat?  Has anyone thought about the problems this will create on a board that already features a token that is...a dog?!

Word is that lobby groups loyal to other tokens being considered for replacement, the shoe and the wheelbarrow, mounted drives to save their game pieces. The wheelbarrow has a lobbying group?  Really?  And why is it that there is no group representing the poor iron?  Certainly tailors or dry cleaners know the value of the trusty iron! What's next? Will Hasbro replace the Boardwalk with a sidewalk?

The iron, a lucky token for so many Monopoly players over the years has been thoughtlessly discarded like yesterday's trash in the game's attempt to "remain relevant".  Relevancy is a concern for a game that still clings to the thimble as one of its most important pieces?

Maybe it's time to take a good, hard look at the game of Monopoly.  After all, do we really want to teach our children that they can use a "get out of jail free" card in life?

Leave your thoughts on the removal on the beloved iron as a Monopoly game token in the comments section below. LONG LIVE THE IRON!