I promised I would keep you updated on the health of Danny Feltwell, the 3 year-old Margate boy suffering from a form of childhood cancer.  I know many Lite Rock listeners rallied to help during January's "A Day for Danny" benefit, and I will continue to provide occasional progress  reports on Danny.
Below you will see a letter... detailing the latest developments in Danny's treatment and his  family's attempts to give him a normal childhood despite his sickness.  As a parent of two slightly older children, I can only imagine the difficulty of trying to balance a little boy's active lifestyle and his fragile immune system.
Also included is Dan Feltwell's thank you note to all who helped so kindly with his son's fundraiser last month.  The response and the generosity I witnessed that day for this family of a single dad and his sick little boy was truly heart-warming, and I'm happy to provide Dan with a forum to share his thanks with you!
Hi Eddie,

I wanted to let you know that Danny is doing much better now. He has fought off his infections and enjoys being a little boy again. Tomorrow, Feb. 21st, Danny and I will return to AI duPont for another IV Infusion of Chemotherapy. This Infusion does worry me a bit because this Chemotherapeutic Drug, Vincristine, has been very hard on Danny in the past. I believe that Danny will be able to handle this chemotherapy, but I still worry.

We are going to let Danny return to school, at The Ross School in Margate again after tomorrow. Then the following week we will try again at PlayGroups. If Danny`s Immune System cannot fight off the virus, bacteria and fugal infections, that he is more susceptible to getting, we may have to home school Danny for the rest of this school year. The only way we can determine if his Immune System can fight off infection would be to send Danny to school and watch him very closely, Danny will be Immuno Compromised for the rest of his treatment so every month he will get help from receiving a Blood Product called IVIG. IVIG is the antibodies of White Blood Cells and Plasma, this should give Danny`s Immune System the extra ability to fight off the infections that could affect him. Most of these types of infections usually do not bother Children who are not Immuno Compromised, so most Children do not show symptoms of having an infection. This is why it is hard to protect Danny.

I have attached my Thank You letter to our friends and community for their generosity and compassion toward Danny and I. I wanted you to be the first to receive this letter so you could share it with all of your listeners, they have also helped me to better care for my son with their support. I have also attached one of my favorite pictures of Danny and I at the event last Jan. 21st. Thank You again for all you have done, and all you are doing, I am forever grateful for your willingness to help my son and I.


Your Friend,

Danny`s Dad  (Dan Feltwell)


Thank You To our Friends and Community,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and compassion that has been given to my son Danny and I. Our friends and community have shown my son and I that we do live in a wonderful place, a place filled with caring people who possess the trait of compassion, and have the heart of good will toward others.

When Danny is old enough to understand his Fight against Childhood Cancer I will teach him the meaning of what has been given to us. I will tell him of all the special people who have helped in so many ways and I will raise him in the community that has shown us that love and compassion for others exists among us.

For all of you, and for all that has and is being done for my son, I am truly grateful.  Thank you for being there for Danny and I, your generosity has enabled me to care for my son in a better way. Being my sons voice I can say many things, but the most important thing I can say is THANK YOU. I have been humbled by your overwhelming support and compassion for my son and I.

A Day For Danny was a great day because of you and everyone like you. I wish you well with all, and may God bless you. I am truly thankful and very grateful for your generosity.



Danny`s Dad (Dan Feltwell)

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