Atlantic Medical Imaging is now offering low dose CT lung screenings, a breakthrough new tool in the fight against lung cancer.  With over 160,000 deaths per year, lung cancer has become the number one cancer killer... in America, claiming more lives than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined.

Low dose CT lung screening of high-risk patients can detect lung cancers in their earliest stages, when up to 92% can be cured. The scan is a painless low dose x-ray which screens the lungs for cancer in just 10 seconds.

AMI is one of is one of few facilities nation-wide to offer this state of the art diagnostic imaging.  While CT scans can cost up to $400,  Atlantic Medical Imaging is providing those at high risk with the test at no charge, for a limited time,  at all of their South Jersey locations.

If you smoke, why not  start the New Year with a little piece of mind about your health?  Contact Atlantic Medical Imaging for more information on this powerful new weapon in the battle against lung cancer.