A picture is worth a thousand words.  The saying is true!  I have been trying to give you a written detailing of an incredible cruise of Alaska's inside passage... I took on the Norwegian Jewel this month, with a group of Lite Rock listeners.  But some sights are better when they are  seen for themselves.  Here are ten extraordinary  photos taken while cruising through the Tracy Arm, near Juneau Alaska.   Tracy Arm is a Fjord, a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacier activity.  The twin Sawyer Glaciers,  North and South, are located at the end of Tracy Arm.  There is another saying;  some things are so beautiful, so awe-inspiring, that photos don't do them justice.  That is also true in this case, but these photos come closest to giving you an idea of the beauty.  Enjoy!