If you listen to the lite Rock Morning Show or read my blogs here, you have heard and seen the story of 3 year-old Danny Feltwell of Margate, who has been undergoing chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for the past year...

There is a benefit beef and beef fundraiser, A Day for Danny, this Saturday at the Margate Log Cabin from 3-7p.m. to help with the mounting debt this small family has incurred during this treatment.

I have been so impressed with the love, caring and tenderness I have witnessed from Danny's father, Dan Sr.,  during the short time I have followed their situation.   I haven't even met the man yet, but I already have the utmost respect for him and his efforts for his son.  It doesn't take long to tell if someone is a genuinely  good person, and, that's the case with  Dan Feltwell.  He is an inspiration!  We all should do so well, and, maybe,  one most unintended result of their painful journey is,  we will.

I wanted to share a poem Dan wrote back in October about Danny's battle with cancer and I hope to see you Saturday for "A Day for Danny".


I am a man and I cry.

by Danny Feltwell Jr. on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 11:02pm

I am a man and I cry, I cry for many things.

I cry for my son, I cry because he is fighting Cancer, for not knowing what will happen, for for giving him  chemotherapy that I know will make him hurt, Because it will save his life.

I cry for my son, I cry when I see him sick, sick from infection, sick from chemotherapy and sick from being away from home, Because I cant explain well enough.

I cry for my son, I cry when I see side effects of chemotherapy, when I see him in pain, when we give him medicine for pain and for side effects, Because he does not understand

I cry for my son, I cry when he takes medication as a result of taking medication, when he does not want to take medication, when I have to hold him while it is given, Because he takes his medication.

I cry for my son, I cry when he can not fight off infection, when we give him antibiotics, when we give him blood products, Because we will need to do it again.

I cry for my son, I cry when I watch him go under anesthesia, when he needs a surgical procedure, when he needs tests and scans, while I wait, when he wakes up, Because he realizes what has happened.

I cry for my son, I cry when he wants me to put a bandaid on a boo-boo you can not see, when he can not explain what hurts, when he wants me to kiss his boo-boo, Because I kiss his boo-boo.

I cry for my son, I cry when he wants to leave his hospital room, he wants to go to the play room, he wants to go outside, he wants to play with other children, when he cannot, Because he is confused.

I cry for my son, I cry when today is over, before I go to sleep, when I wake up, before my day begins, when I think about all of this, when I am alone and not in front of my son, Because he does not know.

I cry for my son, I cry for my son is three years old and Because my son is fighting Cancer.

I cry because tomorrow and every day there after, another father and mother will cry for their child fighting Cancer, and they will cry for all of this, and for the next child and for his and her parents, and they will cry for all of this also.

I am a man and I cry.