School's out! Do you know a high school student who's looking for a summer gig?

In case, our list of the best jobs for South Jersey teens didn't pan out something feasible for the summer break, Money Crashers developed a list of ideas to help keep your teen busy, especially those who are planning to attend college this fall.

  • FamVeld/ThinkStock


    Trusted and reliable babysitters can make anywhere between $10 and $15 dollars per hour.

  • nito100

    Camp Counselor

    If your teen love the outdoors, then this gig would be perfect for them. Salaries vary for seasonal workers.

  • Cristiano Ribeiro

    Pool Cleaner

    Your teen will be kept busy all summer long with this gig. Pay range can be anywhere from minimum wage and up.

  • kzenon

    Movie Theater Employee

    Summertime is the season for blockbuster movies. Your teen can keep cool this summer in a nice air continued theater!

  • 5

    Golf Course Caddy

    The hourly pay is low but, your teen can make it up with tips and perks.

  • Byron Moore


    Act fast on this one. If your teen has swimming skills then this could be a perfect fit for them. CPR certification is mandatory. Check the beaches, pools, camps, lakes and more for solid summer employment.

  • Zoonar/Erik Lam

    Pet Sitter - Dog Walker

    Many people will be on vacation and will need sitters for their favorite furry friends. Your teen must be good with animals.

  • Piotr Sikora

    Mobile Auto Detailer

    This could be a perfection situation where your teen can set their own hours. Everyone's looking to have their car washed. Working with chemicals and cleaners is a must.