Most people think that coming to the beach in the summer is the best, however, those people are mistaken. The best time to come to South Jersey is in September, and here are 7 reasons why!

  • 1

    Warm Water

    The ocean has had all summer to warm up and September is when it’s at its warmest. The temperature of the ocean has yet to cool down in September because it just went through the heat of the summer. So if you’re someone who likes their beaches mild and their water warm, the early fall is your time of year.

  • 2


    It’s not too hot and not even close to being too cold yet. The wind hasn’t picked up yet and the ocean breeze makes it even warmer at the shore, making the weather ideal to go to the beach all month long.

  • 3

    Less People

    It’s not nearly as crowded in September because a lot of families leave to bring their kids back to school. Therefore, getting around is easier and not as crowded, especially with the lack of pedestrians in town.

  • 4

    Cheaper Rental/Hotel Prices

    Due to less traffic on the shore, owners often will drop their rates for the month of September. Therefore, if your family is looking to have a great vacation for a week in south jersey and your kids are out of school, September is your month to hit the beach.

  • 5

    Free Beaches

    In New Jersey, beach taggers stop going around to check tags on Labor Day, meaning that the beaches are free. So you don’t have to worry about taking your tags or cash to the beach because nobody will be bothering you to pay for the day.

  • 6


    It’s quieter on the shore when everyone goes back to school and people go home. Whether you own a house or rent one in September, you know that it’s the best month to enjoy sitting outside on your porch watching the sunset.

  • 7

    Ample Parking and No Traffic

    Every Jersey Shore town is emptier than it has been in the past 3 months, making everything more accessible. For anybody who lives in the beach towns in south jersey, they know better than anybody how much easier it is to drive in the offseason. No traffic, lots of parking in town and short lines at all the shops, how could it get any better?