There are very few things that people from South Jersey hold dearer than Wawa. We really love Wawa and base our survival on it. Need gas? Go to Wawa. Need air in your tires? Go to Wawa. Need some caffeine? Go to Wawa. Need milk? Go to Wawa. Hungry? Go to Wawa. Many of us start and end our day at Wawa.

There are certain things about Wawa that make it different from other gas stations and convenience stores. Some people from other parts of the country think that the the idea of buying food at a gas station is weird, but we know better. Here are 6 things that people who go to Wawa know:

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    Everyone Holds The Door

    It doesn't matter who you are, young or old, girl or guy, everyone holds the door for everyone. People will stand their for a while holding the door open waiting for you to walk up to the door.

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    The Parking Lot Is Every Man For Himself

    While everyone is kind and courteous at the door, the parking lot is a whole different story. People will not think twice when backing up whether people are walking behind them or not. It's a dangerous place.

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    We All Have Our Hoagie Order Down

    We are professionals at the touch order screen and have our order down to muscle memory. My typical hoagie order is an Italian with cheddar cheese, extra mayo, extra vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, oregano, grated Parmesan, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Don't judge me.

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    We Recognize Old Wawas

    Remember the days before Wawas had gas stations? That feels like a lifetime ago. You may still see a few of them out there, but for the most part those days are long gone. We all can point out the classic Wawas that have now been converted into a new place. The cobblestone wall stands out and brings back some good memories of the good old days.

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    It Is Okay To Go In While Getting Gas

    I'm going to put myself out there and say it is okay to go in and grab food while getting gas. Anyone who tells you differently, is lying to themselves. Everyone does it. Now, if the pumps are crazy packed then no, don't do it. However if it's an average day, it is perfectly okay to run in while getting your gas.

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    There Is No Dress Code

    You can go into Wawa in a bridal gown/tux or in your pajamas and no one looks twice.