The holiday season is all about spending time with family, friends, and of course our favorite furry friends. This special time of the year can also be challenging for our four-legged friends still looking for their forever homes. It's especially trying for older pets that have been waiting a long time for that special person or family to take them home.

Take a look at some truly deserving South Jersey pets who need a place to call home this holiday season.

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    Olive - Humane Society of Ocean City

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    Elizabeth - Humane Society of Ocean City

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    Tasha - Atlantic County Animal Shelter

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    Roxy - Cape May Animal Shelter

    All sweet  Roxy is looking for is a warm bed and some yummy sweets. This black domestic short hair is waiting for a home for the holidays at the Cape May Animal Shelter. 

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    Barley - Cape May Animal Shelter

    Barley would love to spend her golden years in a new home for the holidays. If you can let Barley into your home and your heart, you can find her at the Cape May Animal Shelter.