The holidays are full of family, fun and lots of food..  If you are already squeezing into your clothes well it has only just begun.  We are just at the start of the season of eating. So how do we stay healthy and maintain our fitness during this time of year?

The first thing we need to do make a plan - Start by eating leaner and healthier on the days you  are not at a party, dinner or celebration. When you go to an event, try  filling up on fruits and veggies before your meal, so you won’t over-indulge. And if you are forgoing  your exercise to do some holiday shopping...incorporate some fitness it into your shopping trip.  Park further away from the stores, take the steps or at least walk up the escalator.  Walk faster between stores and don’t rest too long. Another good idea, leave your heavy purse at home and bring backpack for your packages to give your arms a break.  It is much easier on your body to distribute the weight evenly on your back. So while you’re out shopping and your wallet is getting lighter, you can be getting lighter too.

Here are 5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays. 

  • 1

    No Sitting Around All Day

    We know the holiday season makes you want to lounge around the living room all day, with some hot cocoa by the fire, but why not add some activity?  If you still want to incorporate the seasonal festivities, take a brisk walk and look at all the decorated houses at night. It will  make the holiday all the more special, while you are digesting that holiday meal.

  • 2

    Not Too Much Booze

    This is the season of holiday cheer and by cheer I mean clinking our glass of wine or beer together in celebration of a new year. However we don’t want to get too cheerful this season and put yourself at risk. So keep tabs on how much you drink this season and try mixing soft drinks into your alcoholic beverages. This way you will less likely need a ride home from your friend’s holiday party.

  • 3

    Avoid A Christmas Cold

    The holidays come during a time where the weather is a little bit frigid.No one wants a cold on Christmas, so how do we avoid it? The best thing to do is maintain a healthy immune system. A healthy diet and sufficient amount of sleep at night will definitely fuel your body to fight off any viruses.

  • 4

    Give Back

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and there’s even a song about it. Christmas is a time of joy and most of all a time of giving. While the majority of us will be spending the holiday exchanging gifts with family and friends, some won’t even have a hot meal.. The holidays give us the perfect opportunity to give back to our surrounding communities. Volunteer for a local charity to help give back to those that have less. Teach your kids about the importance of giving back and donate a couple of toys that they have outgrown. Receiving presents on Christmas is nice, but there’s no warmer feeling than giving a gift to a child with less than you.

  • 5

    Have A Stress-Free Holiday

    We know the holidays can be stressful with decorating, cooking and visitors coming to the house, but you don’t have to take all that on yourself. Incorporate your family in the holiday festivities. Have each family member bring a dish and invite your kids to help decorate and clean the house for guests.