If you haven't already heard, we're giving you two chances to win $1,000 all through the month of May with the Lite Rock 2K Workday Payday. Here are some ways I would spend a grand if I had the chance to win a thousand bucks! 


  • 1

    Pay One Bill

    I would pay the most annoying bill, which in my case is my cell phone bill. I have a family plan because my two boys are on it. Not sure why they call it a 'family plan', when my wife and I are the ones paying the bill.

    Cost: $250

    Balance: $750

    Oleksiy Mark
  • 2

    A Summer of Free Dunkin Donuts

    I love DD! I visit the Dunkin on Tilton Road in Northfield every day right before I go on the air at 3 PM. They usually have my coffee ready for me as soon as I walk in the door. Medium Black Hazelnut!

    Cost: $120

    Balance: $630

  • 3

    Spending Money for a Summer Road Trip 2016

    I love getting in the car with my family and hitting the road during the summer! We also love to visit different baseball stadiums. Last year we went to Boston. This summer I'd love to visit Chicago to check out Wrigley Field.

    Cost: $400

    Balance $230

  • 4

    A Romantic Dinner

    OK, here's where I ditch my two boys. My wife and I love Italian food and I always love going to Capriccio's at Resorts in AC. A little slot action after dinner would also be fun.

    Cost $175

    Balance: $55

  • 5

    Lottery Tickets

    I would use the rest on buying some hopefully lucky lottery tickets! Powerball, Pick 6, Mega Millions, and Win for Life would work for me!

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