The holidays at work can be fun and festive, but they can also cause some problems between co-workers. Here are some sure fire ways to annoy your fellow co-workers.

1. Make people contribute to an expensive gift for the boss --

Not everyone wants to contribute money towards their boss. Usually, these gifts are expensive and more than what the employees want to spend. Workers shouldn't have to use their hard-earned money to the people who hired them.

2. Claiming all the good vacation days for next year before anyone else does -- 

If your office approves vacation days on a first-come, first-served basis for 2014 you do have the right to claim them first but, your co-workers notice that you do this and can resent you for it.

3. Giving a gift of no value in the office gift exchange when everyone else is exchanging real gifts --

Don't you hate this. You don't have to participate in the office   gift exchange, but if you do you should honor the rules..

4. Giving an extravagant gift that's well over the dollar limit set in your office --

 This will definitely cause an awkward situation  if you exceed the gift limit.

5. Getting drunk at the office holiday party -- 

Enough said...