Sometimes you just want to feel like a kid again, trust me, I know this feeling all to well.   They say toys are just for kids, but that doesn't mean you have to give them up.

Speaking of kids, be sure to join us at Kidabaloo 2016 this Saturday at the Atlantic Christian School, in Egg Harbor Township. Kidabaloo is a fun-filled day for the whole family including Games, crafts, RC2U Portable Racing and Giant Inflatables.

Here's a list of 5 toys and games that will take you back in time and may help you relive your favorite childhood memories.

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    Here's a game that I practically grew up with. I couldn't wait to be the first one to yell out Yahtzee!  According to  Wikipedia, over 50 million Yahtzee games are sold each year.  My parents didn't seem to mind how much time we used to spend playing. Yahtzee made us use our brain a lot while having fun at the same time!

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    Another one of my all-time favorite toys. I can still hear the noise in my head of the plastic bubble being pushed down, just like it was yesterday.  I can remember my siblings and I always fighting over which color we wanted to be. Blue was always my first choice.

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    Apples to Apples

    Apples to Apples brings back some many memories of family fun for me. My boys and my wife would sit at the kitchen table for hours playing this game.

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    Hot Wheels

    I'm sure a lot of grown men would agree with this statement-  I wish I still had my Hot Wheels collection. Hot Wheels were always part of my Christmas wish list. I had the Hot Wheels tracks set up all over my house. We used to have the most epic races as kids.

  • somesweetvintage via eBay

    Candy Land

    For some reason, Candy Land always makes me think of the holidays. Somebody would always receive this game as a Christmas gift, which in turn meant a lot of time trying to find King Kandy.