It's almost Christmas crunch time and the deadline for sending your packages to your loved ones is rapidly approaching. 

Here are some sure fire tips to protect your items during the frantic holiday shipping season and hopefully make things a little less stressful at this crazy and hectic time of the year.

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1. Plan Ahead 

Give yourself plenty of time with packing and shipping. Preparation is key to make sure things go smoothly when it comes to shipping this holiday season.

2. Don’t Delay

Good advice would be to ship your packages the same day you get them whether your ordered online or did shopping in the stores. Something to keep in mind, December 17th is "Free Shipping Day"!

3. Pack Wisely

Shipping packages will be at its peak during the holiday season. Extra packing would be well worth the investment, especially if your gift is fragile.

4. Protect Your Packages

Insurance on your packages could save you a lot of stress this holiday season especially if your gift is larger and on the expensive side.

 5. Communicate With Your Carrier

Make sure you clearly understand the shipping terms and the details of shipping.


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