For those who are new to the area, you may not understand the impact that summer vacationers have on the lives of South Jersey residents. It may not look like it now, but trust me, once tourists take over the area, things we sometimes take for granted may become almost impossible to enjoy.

Check out our list below of things to do before the summer madness begins and the shoobies arrive in record numbers.

  • 1

    Run, Walk, or Bike on the Boardwalk

    I once made the mistake of trying to run on the Wildwood Boardwalk during the summer. Now is the time to take advantage of going on an early morning run, walk, or bike ride.

  • 2

    Have Dinner at Your Favorite Oceanside Restaurant

    This would be a good idea to do sooner rather than later, especially on the weekend, and before it gets warm. I don't even park my car if a see a long line waiting to get into a restaurant.

  • 3

    Enjoy Your Stress Free Commute

    I usually know that the shoobie's have arrived when it takes me 15 minutes to get from Exit 38 to Exit 36 on the Parkway and every other car has a PA license plate, or when the entrance of the Margate Bridge backs up all the way to Tilton Road.

  • 4

    Enjoy the Beach

    I know the water is too chilly to go for a swim, but the beach can be a great place to unwind and relax. All bets are off for relaxing after Memorial Day weekend and when school closes for the summer.

    Dennis Morris
  • 5

    Play a Round or Two of Miniature Golf

    There are some many miniature golf courses in South Jersey. Nothing beats playing a round when the course is located right on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean!