Can you believe it will be spring has sprung? My wife and I are n ow in in full spring cleanup mode as we try to get rid of some the clutter, mess and piles (and piles) of clothes that seem to be all over the house.

If you'll be spring cleaning like us, here are some places in South Jersey that you may not realize take donations. Some of these drop off locations accept more than just clothes too!

1. Lupus Foundation of America - Good for clothes and usable household items.

2. Women Against Abuse - There’s a huge list of the items they accept, some with urgent needs including: clothing for older children sizes, basic women’s underwear and bras and baby carriers.

3.  Humane Society of Ocean City - This one is for the pets. Food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies and pet toys can always be donated to HSOC!

4. Recycle Nation - Good place to drop off old phones and computers.

5. South Jersey Aids Alliance - SJAD is always in need of socks, hats, gloves and clean winter coats in good shape.

6. South Jersey Dream CenterThe South Jersey Dream Center can always use food and non-food groceries, household items, baby items and clothing items.

Sources: Women Against Abuse, South Jersey Aids Alliance, Recycle Nation,, southjerseydreamcenter

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